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Dynamic and 100% DuPont Kevlar has arrived.

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Why Pickln?


💸 Same exact paddle as our competitors for a fraction of the price, with profits going to charity. Why pay for other brands' marketing and sponsorship budgets?

Designed by Pros

Pickln paddles' even balance maximizes the sweet spot, touch, and control for your soft game while still delivering reliable power for serves and drives. It's the ultimate paddle designed to elevate your game.

🎛 T700 Toray Carbon Fiber surface for enhanced spin and control.
🔥 Thermoformed, unibody construction for unmatched stability and consistency.
⚖️ Well balanced at 8.1-8.4oz, offering optimal control and power.
💪 "Core Crush" technology to prevent core crush and delamination issues.

Risk Free Warranty

🌟 Unleash Your Power, Enhance Your Game, Make a Difference:
Join the ranks of top players and experience the pinnacle of performance on the court with our Premium Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle. Try it risk-free with our industry-first, six month, money-back guarantee, and discover why the Piknix Pro is your new weapon of choice!

Industry Leading Tech

🛡️ Carbon Fiber, Thermoformed, Unibody Design in a 16mm Package:
Our T700 Toray carbon fiber face delivers unmatched ball control and durability. Plus, our unibody construction ensures a responsive and robust playing experience. No more worrying about weak joints or flexing handles!

🎯 Foam-Injected Edge Walls:
Our foam-injected edge walls enhance stability, eliminate vibrations, and expand the sweet spot. You'll experience unparalleled shot consistency, giving you the upper hand on the court.

50% to Local Charities

🤝 Make a Difference:
Choosing Pickln means contributing to a greater cause. We're proud to donate a 50% of our proceeds to charity, so you can enjoy your game while making a positive impact.

Get yours today and be a part of the Pickln revolution! 

Play with Purpose, Serve with Heart

Serving up professional equipment that cut out the middleman to save you money and donate to charities.