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Pickln: Play for Good

Piknix Pro: Thermoformed 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Piknix Pro: Thermoformed 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

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Introducing the Piknix Pro: your ticket to game-changing performance, precision, and power, all while making a positive impact in your community.

Key Features:
💸 Same exact paddle as high-end competitors for a fraction of the price, with profits going to charity.
🎛 Toray T700 Raw Mini Toray Carbon Fiber surface for enhanced spin and control.
🔥 Thermoformed, foam injected, unibody construction for unmatched stability and consistency.
⚖️ Optimized for both control and power with average weight of 8.2 oz
💪 "Core Crush" technology to prevent core crush and delamination issues.
📏 Dimensions: 16" long (including handle) x 8" wide with 4.75" handle. Swingweight: 113, Twistweight: 7.65
🫡 Enjoy peace of mind with a 6-month warranty - we've got you covered!

🌟 Demo Program:
Want to try before you buy? Check out the first of its kind PicklePerfect Demo Experience and we'll send you a demo for just the cost of shipping. We're confident you'll love it!

🌍 Pickleball for Good:
With the Piknix Pro, you're not just getting an elite paddle; you're joining our mission to make a difference. We pass on the savings from our high-quality paddle directly to you and donate half our proceeds to local charities. Play for a purpose!

🛡️ Carbon Fiber, Thermoformed, Unibody Design in a 16mm Package:
Our carbon fiber face delivers unmatched ball control and durability. Plus, our unibody construction ensures a responsive and robust playing experience. No more worrying about weak joints or flexing handles!

🎯 Foam-Injected Edge Walls:
Revolutionize your gameplay with the Piknix Pro! Our foam-injected edge walls enhance stability, eliminate vibrations, and expand the sweet spot. You'll experience unparalleled shot consistency, giving you the upper hand on the court.

🤝 Make a Difference:
Choosing the Piknix Pro means contributing to a greater cause. We're proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to charity, so you can enjoy your game while making a positive impact.

🏓 Designed by Professionals:
The Piknix Pro's even balance maximizes the sweet spot, touch, and control for your soft game while still delivering reliable power for serves and drives. It's the ultimate paddle designed to elevate your game.

🌟 Unleash Your Power, Enhance Your Game, Make a Difference:
Join the ranks of top players and experience the pinnacle of performance on the court with our Premium Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle. Try it risk-free with our industry-first money-back guarantee, and discover why the Piknix Pro is your new weapon of choice!


  • Shape: Square 
  • Surface: T700 Toray Raw Carbon Fiber 
  • Size: Length: 16”, Width: 8"
  • Swing weight: 113, Twist weight: 7.85
  • Features: Thermoformed, Unibody Construction, Foam Injected Edge PP Core with core crush prevention, Foam stabilized handle
  • Grip: Length: 4.75”, Circumference: 4.125",  Vegan Leather
  • Core: 16mm, Polymer Honeycomb
  • Weight: 8.2oz ± 0.2oz
  • USAPA Approved
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