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Pickln Protective Edge Guard Bumper Tape

Pickln Protective Edge Guard Bumper Tape

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Introducing the Pickln Protective Edge Guard Bumper Tape - Your Paddle Guardian!

🛡️ The Pickln Bumper Tape is a premium nylon fiber strip meticulously crafted by Pickln, designed to safeguard your racquet or paddle with style and efficiency. Easy to apply and featuring Pickln's renowned quality, this tape strip provides a protective shield against the scrapes and scratches that may occur during your intense gameplay.

📏 For standard paddles, we recommend the 30mm tape size which provides full protection for 16mm core paddles which are most of the standard honeycomb paddles. If your paddle is thinner or edgeless, with 13-14mm cores, the 20mm tape size is thinner and will overlap less with your paddle face. If you're not sure, the 30mm size is a safe bet and we're happy to exchange if it's the wrong size.

🫡 Our Bumper Tape is tailor-made to shield your beloved equipment from cosmetic damage, ensuring it retains its original appeal. While it doesn't add structural strength, it does offer peace of mind, knowing your gear is protected.


  • Model: Black Bumper Tape
  • Package Contents: 3 Tape Strips
  • "Regular" Size: for 16mm / Honeycomb Paddles, dimensions of 30mm x 350mm
  • "Thin" Size: for 13-14mm / Edgeless Paddles, dimensions of 20mm x 350mm
  • Materials: Nylon Fiber with a Secure Adhesive Backing

How to apply [watch installation video]: 

  1. With the adhesive backing still on, fold your tape in half to make a crease in the middle
  2. Carefully remove the adhesive backing and center the fold on the center / top of your paddle. Try to align the 'Pickln' text to the center of the paddle
  3. Lightly fold the left and right sides of the tape along the paddle. Check alignment and reapply as needed
  4. Using your finger, smooth out the edges. You're all set!

Elevate your game and keep your equipment in pristine condition with the Pickln Bumper Tape. It's not just protection; it's Pickln protection!

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